A zip line is a cable reaching between two fixed points (in our case trees), that a participant zips on with a trolley that rests on a cable and is attached to the participant. The person can travel, or zip along from the start to the end of the cable, landing on a platform at the end of each zip line.

The construction and operation of our zip line course meets the Association for Challenge Course Technology’s (ACCT) standards. Our course was designed and installed by Synergo; a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of ACCT. Synergo also provides the training for our guides and completes our periodic course inspections. Daily inspections of the course and all equipment are done by San Juan Zip Tour guides.

Don’t worry; you’ll fit right in with most other participants! Our experienced and patient guides will happily facilitate your experience to make you as comfortable as possible. You will also complete a short practice session prior to the tour.

Participants must be 8 or older. Participants under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Participants must weigh between 60 and 280 pounds (27 and 127 kilograms).

The weight policy is for your safety. If you fall outside of these weight limits, but made a reservation anyway, you will not be issued a refund.

There is some walking involved between some lines and at the beginning and end of the tour. Participants must be able to walk a 40’ suspension bridge and climb a 20’ ladder.

Participants must be able to hold the cable trolley and lift their knees up while they are zipping.

The road to the tour site is private and a rough road; therefore, we don’t allow participants to drive themselves. Our guides will pick you up 15 minutes prior to your tour time at our pickup location in Friday Harbor. The pickup location is on the end of 1st St past the Whale Museum and Courthouse.

If you are late for your tour or do not show up, you will not be refunded. As a company, we will have incurred all the same expenses and will have sadly turned other zippers away who wanted your spot. Be careful to plan well in advance for ferry lines and ferry schedule changes. It is not unusual for ferries to be running 20 to 30 minutes late, and ferry lines can get long in the summer months.

The tour will take a total of 3 hours which includes pick up and drop off from the meeting location.

Tour group consists of a maximum of eight participants and two guides. If you would like to book a larger group, please call (360) 317-8434 to make arrangements!

Between 10 and 60 feet; each individual zip line is different. Our tour is designed to slowly ease people into the experience. Each line will steadily get higher, longer, and faster.

There are 8 zip lines on the tour, plus 1 suspension bridge.

Yes! We zip in most weather conditions and will make every effort to complete your tour as scheduled. If there is lightning or high winds, we will need to suspend and potentially cancel your tour but we will not cancel due to rain. If your tour is cancelled due to weather, we are happy to offer you a rain check and reschedule you for another date that same season.

Yes! In order to participate, each person needs to sign our Assumption of Risks form. Adventure activities involve hazards and risks which are outlined in our Assumption of Risks form. Below is a link to this form that each person participating will need to fill out and sign. Those under age 18 will need to have a parent or guardian signature as well. Forms will be able to fill out on site.