A Little More About Us

8 Ziplines  |  1 Suspension Bridge


In total, San Juan Island Zip Tour has 8 ziplines (2 practice lines) and 1 suspension bridge. Some ziplines will start out low and simple, with guests 10 – 20 feet off the ground. But once the tour journey’s deeper into the forest, you’ll start seeing longer, higher and faster lines with one even riding over a lake. Although it’s pretty minimal, there is some small hiking (trail walking for lack of a better term) in between some of the lines. But there are others in which participants will be traveling from tree to tree and land near the canopy on platforms 70 feet high.

All guests will receive an Orientation prior to the tour

Once you arrive on site, your guides will start you off with a full orientation on what to expect. They will properly fit you into a full-body harness, a helmet and golves as well as going over how all the gear attached to your harness works. Guests will then be led through two small practice zip lines in order to get used to what it feels like to sit in harnesses, how to land properly on platforms and, of course, teach you a few tricks to try out on the lines.

Transportation is provided from Friday Harbor


Transportation from Friday Harbor to the site is included with your tour. Our guides will plan to meet you 15 minutes before your expected start time at our pick-up location in Downtown:

End of 1st street – Past the Whale Museum and Courthouse.

You’ll see our big Zip San Juan vans with some friendly faces waiting to greet you. There is all-day parking available on 1st. Since our site is located on private property and the road can be a bit rough, we require all participants to meet us at our pick-up location.

“Is this safe?”

One of the first questions people ask tend to be “is this safe” – and for good reason. Often people think of zip lining as an extreme sport that is incredibly dangerous when in reality this idea is pretty far off. We will never say that anything is “completely safe” as there are inherent risks involved in anything we do, ziplining is no exception. However, we like to say that driving is incredibly more dangerous than ziplining and we choose to do this everyday without a second thought.

To mitigate as many risks as we can, guides perform inspection before each day of tours. Each month, we perform more detailed inspections of the entire course which includes checking every single inch of cable. On top of that, every year we hire an outside third party to perform yet another inspection to triple check our work.

Our guides are annually trained by SYNERGO, an official Professional Vendor Member of the Association of Challenge Course Technoology.

On top of all of this, we proudly follow and adhere to all ACCT standards.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re not afraid of a little rain.

Our tours will proceed rain or shine and guests will not be refunded if they cancel due to rain.

There are two exceptions however, and these are extreme winds and threat of lightning. If we are expecting high winds and/or lightning, there is a chance your tour will be delayed or cancelled due to safety concerns. If this is the case, our Booking Agents and Guides will be in touch with you as soon as possible with updates. If we do have to cancel, we will absolutely reschedule your tour at your convenience. However, this type of extreme weather is very uncommon and tends to only happen once a year.

Meet Our Well-Seasoned Guides

Each tour will include two of our well-seasoned zip guides to lead the group through the tour. One guide will lead the group and be responsible for assisting everyone in slowing down as they come in from a zip while the other will follow and be responsible for sending you off. The guides are here to mitigate risks, lead you through an unforgetable experience and simply take care of you as you zipline. If at any point, you feel nervous or downright terrified – not a problem! That’s what our guides are for. They will be there every step of the way to assist in any way needed. Sometimes, they can even throw in some good “dad” jokes if you’re paying attention.